Bodymind Yoga Therapy

for Groups


Cultivate your personal embodied mindfulness practice with a

group of like-minded individuals.

Using bodily sensations to gain insight into mental and emotional states for

growth, healing, and change.

This is embodied mindfulness

Embodied Mindfulness is the essence of Bodymind Yoga Therapy. It is the catalyst for your healing. Group Bodymind Yoga Therapy is a great option for those seeking community and connection with others in addition to healing and transformation in their lives.  

Previous courses have served educators, parents, and individuals in recovery from substance abuse and eating disorders. Danielle also offered this course, Spring of 2018, in conjunction with Stanford University's Department of Veteran Affairs Psychiatric Research Department for a clinical evaluation of the mental health benefits of embodied mindfulness practices.

Group yoga therapy includes: a facilitated embodied mindfulness practice, meditation, group discussion, and weekly suggested home practices and additional readings.

Visit LIVE8LIMBS.COM for more information. 

Contact danielle for more information regarding additional retreats and trainings on embodied mindfulness and its applications in mental health, education, parenting, and 12 Step spirituality.

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