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Hi, I am danielle.

I am a yoga therapist, veteran educator, and teacher of the 12 Steps of recovery from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. 


I am also in recovery from an eating disorder that dominated my body, mind, and soul for the first 45 years of my life. With the help of the 12 Steps, I have been living in a recovery from my abusive behaviors for 13 years. However, it took the full integration of myself as an embodied person to finally put down the management of my food and find complete freedom.  


So, what is "an embodied person"? Good question! It is a person that uses their body as a resource for information and guidance as they move through their life - rather than treating our bodies like our car that carries our head around. 

Currently, in addition to a select private yoga therapy practice, I created 

8 Limbs for 12 Steps, a 16-week course that integrates embodiment into the 12 Step process. I also facilitate embodied mindfulness training courses for a variety of organizations and offer retreats and workshops on the 12 Steps.

Because I want to you have the greatest confidence in my ability to serve you, I sought out the highest level of training in yoga therapy, and was one of the first yoga therapists in Maine to receive full certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT). In my commitment to continue to grow as a yoga therapist, I a member of the mentoring faculty for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy School.

As a wife and mother of three extraordinary children, including one that struggles with a serious debilitating chronic illness, I know the potential damage that faces marriages, careers, and personal health when one's life is presented with challenges that no one ever chooses for themselves.

Without bodymind yoga therapy and the 12 Steps, I would never have found within myself the ability to accept and eventually embrace life circumstances. As a result, instead of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I now know Post Traumatic Growth.




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