Body Mind Yoga Therapy



Body Mind Yoga Therapy has been proven help and effective for a wide variety of issues spanning a life from childhood through aging. Individual therapeutic sessions are available for clients 8 to 80 years old (or young!)

Can Body Mind Yoga Therapy Help You?

The easy answer is….YES.

Body Mind

Yoga Therapy

Can Help.

Are you burdened with:

  • depression

  •  anxiety,

  • or sleep issues


...and talk therapy isn't enough? 

Body Mind Yoga Therapy can help.

Are you struggling with:

  • social anxiety 

  • relationship challenges

  • feeling trapped in your life circumstances

  • self-judgment & low self-esteem

...and life is frustrating & exhausting?

Are you struggling with:​

  • eating disorders,

  • addiction,

  • PTSD

  • chronic health issues

  • unresolved pain

  • significant life transitions

  • spiritual questions


Body Mind Yoga Therapy can help.


Much more than taking a simple yoga class, body mind yoga therapy can address individual challenges in a space where it is safe to explore the emotion, memory, and stress that is stored in our bodies. Clients have an opportunity to listen deeply, discover an inner resource rarely used by most people, and find relief from issues that have not responded to other approaches.

Very different from a private yoga class, one could describe this as an integration of bodywork and talk therapy. 

Want to know more? Go to FAQ or review this video from my colleague, Amy Archinal, and this article for additional information.

Looking for the research that supports these statements? Click here.

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