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Body Mind Therapy
Individuals & Groups

Body Mind Therapy has been proven help and effective for a wide variety of issues spanning a life from childhood through aging. Individual therapeutic sessions are available for clients, 21 to 80 years old (or young!)

Individual Sessions

Can Body Mind Therapy Help You?


Are you burdened with:

  • depression

  •  anxiety,

  • or sleep issues


...and talk therapy isn't enough? 

Body Mind Therapy can help.

Are you struggling with your own everyday addiction like:

  • gossip, social media, shopping

  • work, money, prestige

  • dysfunctional relationships

  • self-judgment

  • indecision or confusion

...and you feel like you can't breathe?

Body Mind Therapy can help.

Are you weary from battling:​

  • an eating disorder,

  • a substance use disorder,

  • PTSD

  • chronic health issues

  • unresolved pain

You have been doing this dance for such a long time. You have been in and out of treatment and find little to no ease. Maybe there are times when it appears as if you have this mastered, you have figured it out, but then the battle creeps backs in.


Or, you have enjoyed a long road of meaningful recovery, but now it is feeling stale. Over the last few years it feels like you are just going through the motions, but you are afraid to do anything different because you DEFINITELY don't want to go back from where you started. 


Body Mind Therapy can help.

Much more than taking a simple yoga class, body mind yoga therapy can address individual challenges in a space where it is safe to explore the emotion, memory, and stress that is stored in our bodies. Clients have an opportunity to listen deeply, discover an inner resource rarely used by most people, and find relief from issues that have not responded to other approaches.

Very different from a private yoga class, one could describe this as an integration of bodywork and talk therapy.  







Using bodily sensations to gain insight into mental and emotional states for

growth, healing, and change.

This is embodied mindfulness

Embodied Mindfulness is the essence of Bodymind Yoga Therapy. It is the catalyst for your healing. Group Bodymind Yoga Therapy is a great option for those seeking community and connection with others in addition to healing and transformation in their lives.  

Previous courses have served educators, parents, and individuals in recovery from substance abuse and eating disorders. Danielle also offered this course, Spring of 2018, in conjunction with Stanford University's Department of Veteran Affairs Psychiatric Research Department for a clinical evaluation of the mental health benefits of embodied mindfulness practices.

Group yoga therapy includes:

  • a facilitated embodied mindfulness practice,

  • meditation,

  • group discussion,  

  • weekly suggested home practices, and

  • additional readings.

Contact danielle for more information regarding retreats and trainings on embodied mindfulness and its applications in anti-racism, mental health, education, parenting,  and 12 Step spirituality.

Want to know more about this modality of yoga therapy? Go to FAQ or review this video from my colleague, Amy Archinal, and these articles for additional information.

Looking for the research that supports these statements? Click here.

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Group Yoga Therapy

Cultivate your personal

embodied mindfulness practice

with a group

of like-minded individuals.

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