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 8 Limbs for 12 Steps
An Experience of 12 Step Spirituality - from the neck down...
Most of us don't know how to deeply listen to our body and use it as a source of wisdom. We know how to manage it, and maintain it - like a car. Others have resentments for what it isn't: we resent that it hasn't performed or grown into our culture's social idea, or we struggle with health challenges that compromise the life that we desire.
"The issues are in our tissues" is a phrase many of us have heard, but don't know, or don't want to know, what that means for ourselves. In addition, we have no idea the depth of insight or intuition our bodies hold. When we have challenges in our lives, we rely on experts and external resources for knowledge about ourselves. 
8 Limbs for 12 Steps teaches participants how to deeply listen to their whole selves and their intuition through movement and intentional embodied awareness while integrating the concepts of the 12 Steps. 
This program is excellent for you if:
  • Your recovery program is feeling stale.
  • You have had experience "working the steps" through lots of reading, writing, praying, and talking - and are looking for a deeper, more intuitive experience.
  • You have someone in your life that is involved in a 12 Step fellowship and would like to know more.
  • You work with clients that participate in 12 Step fellowships and want an opportunity to know more.
  • You are a yogi, or a spiritual seeker looking for a concrete  step-by-step process to significantly develop your spiritual growth.
Workshops include
  • Introduction to the step/theme
  • Embodied Movement Practice
  • Meditation
  • Group Discussion
  • Handbook with home practices, reading assignments, and reflection questions.
  • Audio recording of each session for long term use.
Want to know what previous participants have to say about their experience?
Visit the testimonials page.
Financial Contribution:  a minimum donation of $8/week supports expenses. In the spirit of generosity, or "dana" (see below) to support that which serves you, and a wish to pay it forward by supporting this ministry, participants are invited to determine their level of contribution for this course. 

Suggested Donations per workshop are:

Base Donation: $10

Sustaining Donation: $20

Benefactor Donation: $30

Your donations allow me to provide this course free of charge to those that are more challenged and less privileged. 

​An invitation to offer "DANA" is provided a to give the community members the opportunity to practice generosity and to support their teacher financially. This can be understood as a conduit for the stored energy of money to supply the requisites of the teacher so that he/she can focus on teaching. This system of teacher support is radically different from that of most Western schools of training and personal growth where there is a fixed fee. The fact that there is not a fixed fee leaves the responsibility with the individual to decide what amount of support is appropriate for them. It also guarantees that the teachings are available to persons of all economic levels. Dana invites each individual to develop his/her own capacity to be generous in a context that directly assists his/her own spiritual growth. As in Asia, to support one's teacher is to support oneself and to help make the teachings available to others.
Whether you are new to yoga or the 12-steps, have physical limitations or have no experience with yogic philosophy, this experience can offer such potential for personal growth and transformation - I cannot recommend it highly enough."
-Lisa, MSN, Counselor (past participant)

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